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A note from creator Nelly Thomas...

I am a comedian and an author.

I have two daughters. One loves fashion and design, the other loves karate and kicking stuff.

They are both bloody awesome.

One of my girls has a hard time of it. She gets told pretty much every day and a million different ways that there's something wrong with her. I'm sure you can guess which one.

I wrote SOME GIRLS for my girls, who are very different but equally wonderful.

The response to the book has been overwhelming.

I have been contacted by teachers, parents, carers and - most importantly - kids, to tell me how much they love the book and the messages of affirmation in it. I've had kids tell me it's the first time they've seen themselves in a book and parents who've told me they have asked their parents to read it to teach them to have a more open mind! It has been a delight and joy.

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But of course, SOME GIRLS is only part of the story! At every event and media appearance I have been asked about SOME BOYS.


SOME BOYS will be available for pre-order very soon (and due for release in August 2018).

It is for all boys who should be free to be themselves and not bound by old-fashioned and harmful stereotypes about what men and boys can be. Whether your boys like rough, tough, gentle or pretty stuff, this book is for him.

My hope is that both these books are used in the crucial early years to encourage kids to accept themselves and others as they are, and to know that they shouldn't be limited by who other people think they should be.

Finally, I 'm a comedian so I've written these books to make your kids laugh.