Illustrator of Some Girls and Some Boys

Sarah Dunk is an illustrator with a passion for figurative-based projects — the kind of projects to which she brings the lively and engaging characters who emerge so readily from her drawing board.

You can see Sarah's website HERE.

In her long career as an artist (starting with drawing in kindergarten and after many stints at art school), Sarah has done illustrations for children’s books (both educational and trade), magazines (The Big Issue in particular), newspapers (notably The Age and The Australian), the Victorian State Government and advertising agencies.

Sarah has worked closely with Nelly Thomas over the past five years, designing and illustrating promotional material for Nelly’s many gigs and projects. During this time they have developed a professional working relationship and a good understanding of each other. Although they think differently in many ways, more often than not, this is a solution in itself: as Sarah says: ‘Nelly will say A and I will say B, but between us we have learned to find C’.

The many characters Sarah has drawn to bring to life Nelly’s Some Girls and Some Boys reflects the strong rapport of this productive writer-illustrator partnership.



Cat MacInnes

Illustrator of SOME BRAINS: a book celebrating neurodiversity

(Due for release in late 2019)

You can see Cat’s website HERE

Born to an artist father and ceramicist mother, Cat was always going to be into art. In high school she did caricatures of her teachers as the animals they resembled, and to this day she sees people as their animal resemblances.

Cat studied Graphic Design at Swinburne University. She spent half of third year studying Fine Arts and Illustration in Hong-ik University in Seoul, South Korea on a study grant. Being able to speak only a tiny amount of Korean (‘hello’, ‘yes’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘yummy!’), her classmates and I would do drawings for each other to communicate.

Cat’s works are gentle and whimsical, with use of strong bright colours and polished vectors. Animals still feature highly in her works.


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