SOME GIRLS' companion book  SOME BOYS  is ready!  You can get it  HERE !

SOME GIRLS' companion book SOME BOYS is ready!

You can get it HERE!

some girls, by nelly thomas

SOME GIRLS become fire-fighters!

SOME GIRLS become fire-fighters!

Some girls are good with cars and bikes,

Some girls are good with art and kites.

Some girls are good with puzzles and maths,

And some girls are good with dolls and cats.



Some Girls is an early childhood book aimed at instilling confidence in little girls.

It’s a story about how every girl is different and special in their own way.

Whether your girl likes rough, tough, gentle or pretty stuff, this book is for her!

She might have short hair, long hair, big hair or strong hair - Some Girls says all girls can look however they want.

Written by Australian comedian Nelly Thomas and illustrated by Sarah DunkSome Girls is a beautiful and funny book that inspires all girls to be free of stereotypes and encourages other kids – and adults – to allow them to be.

Some girls contains a range of girls of different shapes and sizes, from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, as well as multiple girls with visible disabilities.

Read it with the young kids in your life and show them early that…



To instil confidence in kids

To celebrate individuality

To challenge the idea that all girls and boys are all the same

To teach kids to accept their friends as they are

To give modern parents a tool to talk to kids about gender

To give Early Childhood Educators a tool to talk about diversity