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Cal Wilson

"My lovely friend Nelly Thomas is bloody fantastic. She's written a book called "Some Girls" about how girls can be whoever they want to be. The messages in it are really important, the pictures are fab. She's self publishing, and doing a Pozible campaign to raise the money to do it. The book is great, and Nelly is one of the best, most astute, inclusive, talented, kind, and lion-hearted people I know."


Clementine Ford

"This looks SO AWESOME. Very lucky to count Nelly as a friend and inspiration. If you want to help bring to life a beautiful book for children celebrating the many different and wonderful ways there are to be a girl - which INCLUDES loving pink and dolls AND/OR trucks and superheroes - then please check this Pozible out and support Nelly!

It's so important for us to challenge and deconstruct outdated and damaging stereotypes around what it means to be a girl or a boy. We need to celebrate the many different expressions of self that children explore as they begin to know their own minds and desires. Removing gender stereotypes is a step towards liberation for all of them! And for us too!'


Kate McLennan


"My big hearted super smart friend Nelly Thomas is running a Pozible campaign to self-publish her kids' book 'SOME GIRLS'. It looks so great and the front cover burst my heart open. You can pre-order a copy now."


Sammy J


"Amazing! Can't wait for this. Once this is published let's start a guerrilla campaign to slip it into every toy store's pink / blue aisles."



Catherine Deveny


"This book looks fantastic. Thanks so much for setting this up Nelly so we can support you both and this fantastic idea."



Liberty Sanger


"Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book. Nelly is expert at myth busting about gender norms. Looking forward to reading it to my son."


Kaz Cooke


"Wanna be part of a project to produce a great picture book for girls that gives them confidence & celebrates individuality? This looks fantastic, & will be followed up by a boys' version. Huzzah for Nelly Thomas & Sarah Dunk. It's a good time to do something so positive." (see: Kaz Cooke, Facebook)

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Ro Allen


Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

"We need books like this that support the right of all kids to look, wear and be themselves. Love it. Great work Nelly."



Senator Penny Wong holding a copy of SOME GIRLS for her daughters 

Senator Penny Wong holding a copy of SOME GIRLS for her daughters 



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